Fall Homeware

It is the end of September, temperature is going down and leaves are turning red and yellow. It is sad to know summer is as good as over, but let’s be honest, who does not like the sweater weather? Recently I have been doing some homeware/decor shopping for fall and in this blog post I … More Fall Homeware

My summer | 2017

You might have noticed I missed my monthly blog posts about July and August. Well I did not forget it, but I wanted to do a ‘my summer’ edition and combine July and August. These two months have a few big milestones in my life and a lot of random days. My summer started with … More My summer | 2017

My June

The month June has gone so fast and so slow at the same time! This is because I closed a special chapter in my life! Besides that, June was not the most eventful month because I had to finish my paper to be able to graduate. The start of the month June meant the end … More My June