Thelma Coffee & Design | Hidden hotspot @ Leuven

Do you like shopping? Do you like coffee? Than Thelma is the place to be!
Today I went to discover this cute little place in the center of Leuven.

They aim to make you feel at home while you are shopping or sipping on a latte and they absolutely succeed at that. The interior is everything you dream your own house to be and the best thing is that almost every single thing you see you can buy!

The shopping

They have all sorts of things ranging from amazing smelling candles to pretty clothes and adorable kids’ clothing. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but my favorite was a marbled pillow that I loved at first sight.

The coffee

I’m always in need of coffee, so I took a chance to try the cappuccino accompanied by a sweet apple pie, how amazing does that sound? There was also a choice for gluten free chocolate cake which I’ll have to go back for!

If you want to go for breakfast you have a choice of avocado on toast, granola and yogurt.

You can find Thelma Coffee & Design at Vaartstraat 12 in Leuven.
If you want to read more about this place go and check out Little Louvain

or their own Facebook page

With love,


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