Fall Must-have/ Favorites

Summer has officially gone and fall is here. This means you need to put away your summer clothes and buy some new autumn items. It’s time for your cosy and cute looks and don’t forget your steaming coffee to take with you to keep your hands warm. 😉



For autumn you see glitter all over the place, you’ll definitely need one piece of clothing with some glitters on it. I love this trend! I recently bought a pair of full glitter shoes and if I could I would wear them every day. The best part about this glitter trend is that you can combine it with everything. You can make your outfit super classy or just wear it casual. If you have no idea how to wear it you can always look for some inspiration on my Pinterest



Currently I have 3 fall favorites I recently bought. First of all my new bershka shoes, they are so comfortable to wear even though the heels are pretty high. The thicker heel makes it more easy to walk in. Next I bought a cute pullover at Wear leuven.  It is such a fall color and easy to combine with a skirt or a pair of black jeans. Last but not least I bought this coffee mug to go. It’s from Hema and is has GLITTERS! This time of the year I always take some coffee or tea with me when I go to school early in the morning. Not only to wake me up but also to keep me warm when I have to wait for the bus to come.

More fall and fashion inspiration on my Instagram and soon on my Youtube channel

With love Marthe X


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