Greenway | Veggie and Vegan restaurant @Leuven

You decided to go out for lunch or dinner with friends but you have that one friend that is vegetarian or vegan. Your options are limited and you have no clue where to go, does that sound familiar?  Well, for me it does, because I am that one annoying friend that is veggie :p

In Leuven you don’t have a lot of choice at this point. Or your friend has to eat that same same salad or pasta with cheese AGAIN or you have to leave her/him at home! ( Just kidding , never leave that poor thing home alone! )

About Greenway Leuven.

Greenway is situated in the heart of Leuven, just near the ‘oude markt’. Not a lot of people know that there is a Greenway in Leuven because it doesn’t really stand out. For the moment the terrace is pretty sober, but will get a make-over soon! Something to look forward to if you ask me. Inside is really cozy and a nice place to hang out with friends and eat a vegetarian wrap or burger or if you are not too hungry just a little dessert. The interior is almost all wood and green, it feels like you are making an ecological choice.
If you have no time to stay you can always ask your food to take away.

The food.

Everything here is obviously vegetarian of vegan, so you don’t have to worry if there will me some hidden meat somewhere you didn’t know about. To be honest there isn’t a wide variety of food, but for me it makes it easier to choose. You have a choice between burgers, wraps, rice, salads, soup and pasta. The desserts differ from time to time. If you take a burger, notice that it is just a burger and there is no side dish like fries or salad.

Every month they have special suggestions that you can find on their big chalkboards inside. At this moment they have a promotion going on, if you take one of the suggestion you get a free TAO drink!

Good to know

At Greenway there’s always a promotion going on! If you are a student you can take a ‘student menu’ which means that you can get a burger of wrap and a dessert for only 8,90 euros. And if you want a place to get some work done, in Greenway you have free WiFi!


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If you want to be up to date with all the promotions you have to check their Facebook page or Instagram.


Now that you know where to go with your vegan and veggie friends invite them to go all together to Greenway!

With love Marthe X

Greenway Leuven
Parijsstraat 12
3000 Leuven.




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