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I decided to go out for some coffee with friends. We planned to go to a coffee bar by bus. We missed our stop and ended up a little too far from it. Right at that bus stop was “Koffie en Staal” I have never been happier about missing a bus stop.

Koffie en staal.

Translated it means coffee and steel. This might sound weird, but when you walk in you immediately know why. Everything you see has parts of steel. This is because they work together with “Nono”, a furniture company. They work with long lasting materials that have a minimum impact on the environment. What you see in the shop is only a small part of what they create. They aim to make furniture that is timeless. Something you only need to buy once and can keep for ever.


Koffie en staal also works together with Nusj.  “NUSJewelery is elegant with a special attention for colour and an etnic touch” says Noucka, the founder of NusJewelery. She tries to make all of her work accessible for everyone.

Drinks and food.

Because we ended up here by accident, we had no clue what to expect. Having absolutely no expectations made everything an honest experience. They have different types of home made iced tea like apple-rhubarb, ginger-mint and peach-lime and of course the brown gold, called coffee.  They decided to work with bio ingredients only which makes everything taste even better.

2016-10-26 06.26.10 1.jpg

You can go to ‘Koffie en Staal’ for breakfast and lunch. In the early morning you can enjoy some home made granola or a croissant. For lunch there are two different kinds of sandwiches, hummus or a gluten free chickpea salad. Last but definitely not least, they have pastries. The Greek yogurt  and gluten free chocolate cake are a standard on the menu, but there are daily surprises to discover.

We all agreed the food was pretty darn good. Not only the taste, but the presentation was on point as well. The concept looks like a DIY concept concerning the sandwiches. All three of us got the goat cheese baguette with honey, thyme and walnuts. The salad with the goat cheese and everything else comes in a separate jar. You can choose whether you want to make a sandwich or if you want to eat the salad with some bread. If you decided to eat it like a salad, you might have the feeling you don’t have enough salad or too much bread. But all put together you won’t leave your table feeling hungry.


If you ever discovered a great spot by accident don’t hesitate to tell me (even if you din’t find it by accident).

With love Marthe X


Koffie en staal can be found at :
Mechelsestraat 140
More info about Nono can be found on their  facebook or their website.
There is also more information about NUSJ.

There is a blog post about this place at Little Louvain her blog as well. Make sure to check hers out!






5 reacties op ‘Koffie en staal | Discovery @ Leuven

  1. Is het een ‘freelance vriendelijk’ café? Ik loop al een tijdje met het idee een overzichtje te maken van cafeetjes waar je met je laptop kunt gaan zitten en zelf koffie (met wat lekkers) kunt halen, dus zonder dat je bediend wordt. Zeg maar zoals bij Starbucks; daarom is het daar altijd druk, terwijl de koffie maar mwah is, volgens mij. Mijn uiteindelijke doel: een week lang al werkend met koffie en cheesecake als brandstof een rondje langs alle mooie steden van een land maken 😉


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