What I love about fall & winter

Every time a new season comes up I am totally in love with that season. I know fall is almost over and winter is coming, but for me fall and winter are pretty similar. It is cold and everything seems so pretty, but besides that there are some things that I really love about these two seasons.

Hot chocolate.

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate, I love to drink them all. I feel like tea and coffee are ‘accepted’ if you drink them in summer, but hot chocolate feels like it is something exclusively for winter. And let’s be honest, if you can choose between mojito’s or hot chocolate in summer.. Yes indeed I’d choose moijto’s!

During winter time I like to have my hot chocolate for breakfast. Not the best choice but it makes me happy and feel good about the day. I prefer to make my hot chocolate with milk chocolate, some whipped cream and cocoa powder on top. Not only because it looks good on pictures but also because it is just the best :p


Sweater weather, I think this is the part I like the most about fall. I will give you some reasons on why this is the best part.

First of all, no hour long decisions about what to wear because you can wear whatever you want underneath your sweater, whether it is your unicorn t-shirt or your boyfriends t-shirt no body cares ‘cause nobody sees. And your sweater might have been your pj’s last night and nobody will know. I do this all the time because I hate it when you get up all cozy and warm and than you have to switch into those cold clothes. Am I the only one? :p

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Second of all, most of the sweaters are a bit loose, if you didn’t got to work on that body yet you can hide it. Fall and winter are seasons you eat more than normal anyway, so that little “tommy” as we call it, will be inevitable. Well for me at least.

2016-11-03 04.32.08 1.jpg

Last but not least a sweater will never go out of style. I do have some sweaters that I bought 5 years ago and they are still fashionable. It is also easy to combine with some jeans. And whether you wear blue, grey, black or brown pants, your outfit will always look on point.

Cute socks.

This I might have to explain a bit. I have some weird obsession or maybe call it love for cute socks. I can never resist buying them. Black or white socks I find pretty darn boring, but I know every closet needs some.

In summer when I wear sneakers I really need to search hard for some normal socks to wear because I tend to buy a lot of socks that I find cute, funny or just pretty. Every year again I need to buy new black socks because they disappear and I have no clue where they have gone.

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During winter, when I wear boots most of the time, I will always wear cute and pretty socks. They are mostly thick and warm, an other reason why I like them so much. When I come places I have to take off my shoes, must admit that I sometimes  wish I had chosen other socks, but I will never be ashamed nor regret the socks I’m wearing because what the hell they are just socks. During this fun time of the year you’ll probably find more pictures about these socks on my Instagram.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Let me know that your favorite things are about winter or fall, I’d love to know.

With love Marthe X


15 reacties op ‘What I love about fall & winter

  1. I miss enjoying the fall – hot chocolate, tea, sweaters and socks. Maybe a sauna as well! I’m living in a country where temperature doesn’t go below 25 Celsius. Missing the cold weather so badly.

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