My favorite winter lipstick | KIKO

Since it is getting colder outside, my lips are suffering. Every winter again they hurt so bad and get so dry. And every winter again I’m not able to wear lipstick because it doesn’t look pretty when you have chapped lips. Recently I just wanted to buy a new lipstick, mainly because a new KIKO store opend in Leuven, but also because I enjoy buying and wearing lipstick. Buying this lipstick was a great idea and I will tell you why!


The lipstick

This KIKO lipstick feels like it is a good one to moisturize your lips. I’m not sure if that is what they intended to do or not, but I kinda like it. It is a glossy lipstick but it does not feel too sticky, which I find important in winter because if it is sticky and there is some wind outside and it blows your hair in your face, it feels like your hair is glued to your lips. The lipstick settles pretty well on your lips and is easy to apply.

The color

I love this color for winter because it is a nude color that gives that little extra to your lips. It is nothing too fancy, but you feel like you did that extra effort. This lipstick does not stay on your lips longer than a few hours and therefor you need to apply it a couple of times during the day. But I don’t mind it because it is a nude color, so it is not too obvious if the color is fading.

Over all thought

It is a nice lipstick to have in your collection and keep in your bag during winter. This color in particular is neutral yet classy. However I would not suggest to wear it if you’re going out for dinner because the staff might hate you for leaving lipstick stains all over the glass.


What is your favorite lipstick? Let me know.


With love Marthe X




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