How to survive Mondays | 3 tips

Nobody likes Mondays, but there is no escaping it. We all try to find tips and tricks on how to survive this most hated day and that is probably the reason you stumbled upon this post. I will give you helpful tips on how to make your Monday a great day.

  1. Plan something fun.

    If you make really fun plans so you can look forward to it,  you will be excited for Monday and have less of a problem to get up and get your work done.
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  2. Dress up

    When you are dressed up you automatically feel better and are proud about how you look. And when you look good you will probably get loads of compliments from your colleagues, your day will get better in no time.
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  3. Stop thinking ‘Oh no Monday’

    We think about Monday negatively because everyone does. If you start thinking about the good things that happen on Mondays it will be less worse. Monday is the day you see your awesome colleagues again. Monday is the day you can start your diet again. Monday is the day you can start everything you dream of!


Monday is not as bad as you think it is. If you are still convinced it is terrible then look for a job that starts on Tuesdays and start on hating that day :p


If you have some more tips on how to survive Monday, let me know and help your co-Monday haters.


With love Marthe X


5 reacties op ‘How to survive Mondays | 3 tips

  1. If you are dreading Mondays it is a sign that you are not happy in your job. The best way to love Mondays is to find work that you enjoy. I love your tip 3 on thinking about Mondays as a new start and a chance to pick up with your goals again 🙂

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