My Christmas wishlist

It is almost Christmas and everybody starts thinking about what they would love to get, and start worrying about what to give to others. My Christmas list is short and I already knew what I wanted since my birthday in September.


My Christmas list.

As I said, my list is short. At the moment there are only two things I would love to have. A little note: It is not because my list is short, that I expect my family to get me this! I love to get surprised by the originality of the presents.

First up on my list is a laptop sleeve. Every time it rains my laptop gets wet because my purse does not close. I am afraid my laptop will give up on me one day, since I am treating him so badly. I would prefer an even one because I want to style it my self.But I would not complain if it was a marbled one.


Next and last, I really really want a gimbal. My goal for 2017 is to start filming and upload videos on my youtube channel . There are so much advantages about using a gimbal. I have no preference in brand or anything since I have no clue yet how to use it. I think I want to start with one that is for my phone and if I keep uploading videos I might consider buying a decent camara and gimbal for it.


Besides those two things there are so many others things I think I need and obviously would love to have but don’t want to spend too much money on like some cute decorations for my room, sportswear, some jewelry,..

                           All pictures are from Pinterest

What are some items that are on your wishlist? Let me know.

With love Marthe X

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