Dream vacations | summer

It is winter, it is cold outside and all you wish for is just a nice and warm summer vacation. Recently I have been pinning some places on my  Pinterest that amaze me and I dream of going to some day.

The pictures are randomly taken from Pinterest and I had to choose some of the best places. If I inserted all of the pictures this would be a heck of a long post.

Now sit back and enjoy the beauty of all these pictures.

Sri Lanka.

I have been there this year and it is as pretty as it looks on all the pictures. I could insert a million pictures here and watch it all day. Soon I will make a blog post about this vacation and insert some of my own pictures.

Bora Bora

Everything looks so blue there and I’m in love. If you go on vacation there you will go home so well rested. This is a vacation to rest and to do absolutely nothing except sunbathing and swimming.

Algarve – Portugal

As you can see you don’t need to go to exotic places to see some amazing things. I have been in Portugal once but this was in Lisbon, which is not near any sea or lake, but as interesting to visit as where this picture was taken.


Pink sand beach – Bahamas

I know these pictures have probably had some Photoshop , but I know there really are pink sand beaches and it is definitely on my bucket list.


What are some places you would love to go one day?

If you want more inspiration on beautiful places you can take a look on my Pinterest or Instagram.


With love Marthe X



11 reacties op ‘Dream vacations | summer

  1. this looks really amazing, about the Pink Beach, before i travel to Indonesia I’ve seen some pictures of the Pink Beach in Lombok. but when i arrived it wasn’t that pink as i saw it in the photos but it was beautiful .

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      1. yes sure you better go, It’s like me even if i knew it was Photoshop i looked for that beach everywhere haha and it was really pink but not as the photos. cant wait to see your photos when you go there

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