What it is like to have a little kitten

This summer I had the opportunity to look after a little kitten. I had no clue what to expect and what I had to do. I thought it would be easy because I do have a cat at home and all you have to do is give it food, water and let it go outside. Well I can tell you this was a little different.


I am writing this because a lot of people think having a little kitten is awesome because it is cute, but they do not think about the loads of responsibilities that come with that little bundle of joy. And to be honest neither did I, but I learned along the way and I would love to share my experience.

Let’s start at the beginning, a friend of mine asked me mid July if I could take care of a kitten of a friend of hers for a few weeks and of course I said yes, because let’s be honest who would not want to look after a little cute kitty.

I live in an apartment with my sister and this is where I took the little kitten because she was sick and it was prohibited to come in contact with other cats. Kittens don’t go outside yet, so having no garden was no problem. I did put the litter in my room because I did not want to bother my sister with the cat ( she is a little allergic to cats). Luckily for me the litter did not smell too bad. But this is only if you regularly clean it.

I learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to let cats sleep in your room. As naive as I was, I thought the kitten would go to sleep if I was asleep and it would be no problem. I could not have been more wrong. I do know cats are active at night, but this one was sick and so little, so I thought she would sleep with me. I barley slept those weeks I had to look after her. She was constantly attacking my feet, stepping over my head and over all looking for attention, which I did not mind giving her during the day. But on the other side, the moments she slept in my arms and sat next to me when I was working where awesome.20160713_191426

I fell in love so hard with this little one that every time I went out with friends or just went home to my parents for a few hours i felt bad for leaving her alone. Every time I left she was meowing so hard, I can tell you it breaks your heart. Coming home became something to look forward to because she was waiting at my door for me to come home.


To end on a good note I want to say that I loved every second she was here, even if I only had a few hours of sleep. Having a cat or kitten is amazing, but you have to be aware of the responsibilities that come with it and not expect that the cat will take care of it self.

PS: Lola was here name and she had no tail, did you notice? She is back with her family all healthy and happy.



With love Marthe X


7 reacties op ‘What it is like to have a little kitten’

  1. Katten kunnen echt het bloed onder je nagels vandaan halen, maar ze maken het dubbel en dik weer goed.
    We hebben hier zo 3 dames rondlopen. Allemaal helemaal anders qua karakter.
    Fantastisch dat het staartloos katje een huis heeft kunnen vinden.

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  2. Hallo Marthe, wat vond ik het leuk om de foto’s van de kleine Lola te zien. Ze lijkt precies op mijn kat Bibi, die -helaas- niet meer leeft. Het is een zogenaamde schildpadpoes, die zijn best ‘kattig’ 😀 maar wel lief. Grappig dat Lola geen staart heeft, is ze zo geboren?

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