What’s in my make-up bag

During winter my my make-up bag changes a little. Bright colors will be replaced with more neutral or darker colors, the foundation is a little lighter and some things stay the same.
If you want to know what is currently in my make-up bag then keep on reading.

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Little note: I am absolutely no make-up expert whatsoever, I just love using it :p



Now that it is winter and my skin is lighter, I need to change up my foundation so it matches my skin again. Currently I am using this Chanel foundation and I am loving it. It does not feel too heavy on the skin and it does a great job covering up blemishes if needed. I am running out on this and I am hoping I can make it until the end of winter!


This one stayed the same since it is a pretty light color. I do not use this as much, but I like working with it. It covers up my under eye circles if I did not sleep too well and that is all I need from this concealer.


This Rimmel powder is my all time favorite, as you can clearly see. I use this all year around. It mattifies all the shiny spots on my face and it does stay on all day.

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I don’t tend to use a lot of blush but during winter I love creating that ‘rosy cheek’ effect. It makes you look so healthy. For winter I prefer this darker red color instead of a pink or orange color. This blush is also a Rimmel product. I guess I like their products :p


There is no day that will go by for my without wearing mascara. I have 6 different sorts of mascara, but this rituals one is without and doubt my favorite. It is quite a ‘messy’ mascara that makes my eyelashes big and black.


Do you use different make-up during winter ?


With love Marthe X


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