Study Essentials

They are here again, finals. It is the most wonderful time of the year, but you have to study.. Can it get any worse? I will give you some study essentials that will help you to study better or keep you motivated.

A clear planner.

This I love the best Having a clear overview on what I have to study and when I planned an activity helps me to stay on track. A color code makes it even better. When I make my schedule I feel so motivated to start studying. An other great part of heaving a schedule is that you can count down the days until the end of the exams.

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Colored pens.

When I study I like to give titles a color code and write important things in color so they stand out. It also makes it a little more fun to make it look pretty. An extra is that if you run out of time when you are rereading, you can quickly go over the colored text and you know for sure you have seen the most important right before you have to take your exam.

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Brain food.

It is important to eat the right things when you study. I have noticed that if I eat too much sugar or fat it makes me lazy and unmotivated. This applies for every one, so it is useful to reward you with healthy food. I love to eat fruit, to make smoothies or make a salad. Making the smoothie or salad is an ideal break from studying. You can find more brain food inspiration on my Pinterest.

comfy clothes

Nothing is more annoying than having to study in jeans or tight clothing. Put on a big sweater and some leggings, but do not stay in your pajama because it will make you feel tired.


Some extra tips I can give you, is that drinking water helps you to stay awake, try to put all the electronics( if possible) in an other room so you do not get distracted and make sure you get enough sleep. While you sleep you process everything you studied. 7b22b04df948d43ff89e7841fbe62bbb

What are your study essentials?

With love Marthe X

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