My best pictures on Instagram| 2016

Every year again it is interesting to see what kind of pictures did best on my Instagram , and analyze why they were popular. In this blog post I will analyze my nine best pictures on Instagram and tell you why I think they were liked the most.




What I noticed first is that most of my best pictures were posted during my summer break. This might be because during summer you are more happy and you feel more like liking pictures. An other reason why pictures posted during summer are more popular is because the lighting is much better. The best picture is taken with natural light and automatically makes you like a photo better.


It is proven that pictures that have blue in it are more liked than other colors. And as you can see, 6 of the nine pictures have a blue accent. This does not mean that the objects in the pictures need to be blue, a filter with a blue tone will do.


Every person on earth knows that posting your food online was, and still is, kind of a hype and even a bigger hype was healthy food. Fruit is the most obvious example of healthy food and will therefor attract a lot of attention and once again, especially in summer when everybody tries to be healthy and maintain their summer bodies.

A face

I recently discovered that people like to know who the person is behind the pictures. I don’t really know why, but if I have to give an explanation, I would say that it is because they want to know you are just like them. Showing yourself is quite personal, but it gives your followers a feeling that you can become friends.

So much more.

The points above are some things I noticed, read about and got told about and things I try to keep in mind when I take pictures if I want to post them on Instagram. Besides these few ‘obvious’ things there are also other aspects that take part in the reason why those nine pictures were the most liked.

Timing is everything! Posting at 11:21 am will not be a successful as posting at 9:00 am, just because at 11:00 am everybody is busy working or just doing there daily stuff. Even days can determine if you get more likes or not.

Caption, hashtag, tags, geotags, … all elements that also can determine if a picture will get more likes or not.


Are there some thing you noticed about your best pictures and why they are you best pictures? Let me know.

With love Marthe X



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