My January

It has been too long since my latest blog post, but I have been busy studying like most of you I guess. During studying I have been thinking about posting a ‘ my month’ at the end of the month ( obviously). So this month is ‘my January’ and I will tell you what I did.

So, January started with an amazing party with a group of friends. We had dinner together and counted down to the New Year. We lit some fireworks of our own, and after that we watched the neighbors’. After midnight we went to the city to celebrate. I had a blast!

The 8th of January, I went to a Sabaton concert. Which is a metal group I discovered at Graspop, a Belgain metal festival. I am not a real hardcore metal girl or something, but I like their music a lot. It was a great show and they announced they will be back at Graspop this year and I will definitely be there!


Every year in mid January there is a car/motor fair, where all car and motor brands show their models and you can get special discounts during that month. I do not really need a car (and can’t afford one now) , but I love to go and look and sit in cars I will probably never be able to buy.

These were the most exciting and fun things I did all month, because I had to study for exams. It was the last time ever I had to study during Christmas and New Year because I will graduate in June! 😀 In the evenings I did allow myself to go drink some coffee with friends or my mum or sister. My favorite places to that at are Thelma Coffee & design which you can read about in a previous blog post, Bar Berlin, a little out of the city of Leuven, but a nice and cosy place to sit and last but not least MOK. This is not my favorite place to sit down and drink the coffee, but the coffee on the go is great!

This month I got hooked on granola. It is so simple yet so good. Every morning I take some yoghurt with granola, fresh fruit and some agave syrup and it keeps me going all day. I prefer to make the granola myself because then I know what is in it and it is very easy to make.

Reaching 3K followers on instagram might have been the best thing about January. I never ever ever tought I would reach so many followers. It is amazing how I see this number going up every day and I am so grateful for all chances I get with this. If you follow me on Instagram, THANK YOU ❤

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With love Marthe X



3 reacties op ‘My January

  1. From the concert to the car show your January sounds like it was awesome. And reaching 3k is so great, congratulations. I love that you had a great month and graduation in June will be so amazing!

    Danielle | ❤

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