Get the summer feeling

The sun is here and it is officialy spring. What is not to like about this time of the year? The fact that the sun is shining a lot more and days are longer really makes me looking forward to summer. In this blogpost I will give you some inspiration for summer and pictures that will get you in that summer mood if you were not already.


I can not wait for summer, because I will be going to Spain on vacation. My favorite thing to do when I am there is hanging out on the beach and tan all day. I love it when I go swimming in the ocean and get those beach waves in my hair. Being on the beach definitely gives me the ultimate summer feeling. Beach life is the best life.


They say that in summer the skin gets darker and the hair gets lighter. And I would like to add that the drinks get better in summer. All the fresh fruits that are available during summer to put in your drink, the friends you can hang out with in the sun, the extra time you have or make, all things that make your drink taste better. They do not only taste better but look better as well, look at these drinks, aren’t they fabulous?


In summer you do not have to travel as far to be able to have a sunny vacation. Well this is the case for me as I am living in Belgium where even in summer the weather can be everything but sunny. I love to travel, but being a student does not make it easy to do so, that is why I always look forward to summer so I can travel to France or Spain and still have a nice and sunny vacation.


What are your wild plans for summer? Do you have some tips or inspiration for summer? Let me know, I am so curious to find out! ( ps: all pictures are from my Pinterest)


With love Marthe X.



8 reacties op ‘Get the summer feeling

  1. Nothing too wild but I plan to go camping with some friends, explore cities around me and maybe go on vacation to somewhere beautiful :). I love trying out fruity drinks during the spring/summer, especially anything with pomegranate in it.

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  2. I wanna fast forward to summer!! I’m probably going to Egypt in the summer or maybe somewhere in Central America! What would you recommend? I’m based in Montreal but I’m always open to travel far as long as the destination is worth it 🙂


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