My March

Wow it is already halfway april and I still haven’t done my march overview. It has been so busy with my internship and other work for school, I had almost no time to blog. But I am back now! I made a scheduele to make sure I keep posting content regularly and I am so excited about it. But let’s begin om my march overview.

March was not the most eventfull month, this is because I started my internship at Mayerline in Brussels. It is the last phase of school to finish and get my degree. The internship so far has been so much fun. My colleagues are all friendly people and they really give me the opportunity to learn new things whenever they can. In the first few weeks I had a lot of work and I was busy for days, but now most of the things I can do are done and I have less work to do. Days can be quite long if you don’t have much to do, but nevertheless I m stil loving it here.

The weather finally started to get better and I had some time to go ride my motorbike. It had been a while since I last sat on it because I had a surgery on my foot in summer last year and by the time I was able to ride again it was winter and way too cold. But from now on, if the weather stays warm, you will find me more and more driving around on my green ninja!


At the end of march we had a skivacation planned with the whole family and some of our cousins. Every year I look forward to this vacation even if it is only for 3 of 4 days. We always have a blast and ski for as long as we can and than move the party to our hotel. each year we come up with something fun to surprise/”emberass” our parents. Last year we all wore animal onsies and this year we wore some hoola skirts. Our parents where sad they didn’t get one as well. We already booked our trip for next year, that is how excited we are to go on vacation together.


Did you do something fun in March or do you have something coming up in April? I love reading what you are doing.

With love Marthe X


Here some more pictures I took in March. Like what you see? You can follow me on Instagram



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