April favorites

This April, I have been using many different products and items. Some of them I have been loving for a longer period of time and others I started loving in April. I am writing this post because I realized that I sometimes totally switch in things I use daily or highly prefer above others. So, curious what I could not stop using last month? Let’s get started.

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First of all, some of you may know, but my Pandora bracelet is my absolute favorite item of all times. I have had it for over a year now and I have no regrets spending the money on it. If I want to look all put together I just take my Pandora and I am done. Plus, it holds a lot of memories. If I travel I like to get a charm that is especially from that place. For example, when I went to Prague with my boyfriend we bought a charm with the Karlsbridge, and my sister brought a palm tree charm from Brazil. If you are thinking about getting one, I would say just do it! You will not regret it, I promise.

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Just a week or two ago I went to Ghent to visit a friend of mine that is studying over there. I knew there was an NYX make-up store and I had been waiting for so long to go shop there. I bought 2 soft matte lip creams and I am loving them! The name of the colors are Prague and Zurich. I love experimenting with different colors and formulas of lip products, so I am curious to find out if these will still be favorites next month.

Over the month of April I started liking and buying plants. When the room is green it gives me a summer feeling. Apparently, it is also healthy for you to have plants in your room. They help you sleep and concentrate better. I would love to have a big cactus, but oh my they are expensive! I will for sure keep buying plants all summer long until my room is full and I have no more space to put them.

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Last but not least, I bought the Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 Wash – Scrub – Mask because I finished my previous scrub. I have had some Tea Tree product before and I liked their scent  and they worked quite well for me , so I decided to give this one a try. It is easy to use: you just scrub your face, leave it on as a mask for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. At first, your face feels cold until the mask dries up. After you rinse it off, your face feels so fresh and clean! The product is far from empty, because you can only use it once a week, so this will probably be a favorite for some time.


What were some of your favorite products of this month? Let me know!


With love, Marthe! X


3 reacties op ‘April favorites

  1. Leuke post! Sinds begin april gebruik ik de producten van Sans soucis en ben helemaal verkocht! Ook ben echt helemaal gek van de Kiko baked bronzer! ☺️

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