My April

Yes,  another month overview already and this time not at the end of the next month! My Arpil started while I was on a skiing trip that I mentionned in my previous month overview. April was a bussy month, not neceserally event wise, but more in general.

As the weather gets better, I go outside a lot more often. In the weekends, when I am at home, I now go walk with my dog for half an hour or more and I love it. The fact that I am outside enjoying the weather, my dog and the walk all at the same time. My boyfriend has a dog as well, or should I say bear?, and he often brings him to Leuven with him so we can go on a walk together. Quality time with the boyfriend, kind of working out and walking that cute doggie can honestly make my day.


In April we spontaniously dicided to spend a weekend at the beach, where my parents have a little appartment to stay.  It was a relaxing weekend we both needed and appriciated a lot. Our activities? Beachwalks, sunsets and video games!

That same weekend it was easter. Sunday we had te leave quite early to go to my parents for the easter brunch. My mom went all the way with the brunch and made sure we ate for an entire week! It was such a fun day, because everyone was at home, and I love it when we all get to spend time together. PS: I think we still have some easter chocolate left. Does that say enough about how much my mom bought?


The end of April it was time for the press days! How I experianced them you can read all about in my blogpsost ” my favorites from the pressdays“. I can tell you that I already look forward to the next press days to meet new people and discover even more brands.

Last but not least, I fell in love with all the cacti in this picture. Did you know cacti are freaking expensive? If I am a billionaire one day I will have a garden with all the biggest cacti!


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With love, Marthe X


3 reacties op ‘My April

  1. Niet alle cactussen zijn duur.. ik heb die helemaal rechts staat anderhalf meter, die was idd niet goedkoop.. Maar je hebt ook midden cactussen voor bijvoorbeeld 50 euro.. En de kleintjes heb je al voor paar euro’s. Ook erg leuk om allemaal verschillende kleine te kopen en in 1 groot bak te planten. X manu

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    1. Hey Manu, dat is helemaal waar! Ze zijn zeker niet allemaal duur, maar ik had het effectief op de grotere ^^ Die kleintjes duren best lang voor ze groot zijn, daarmee dat ik graag een grote had gehad 🙂

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