Wood’n Case

A while ago I recived this cute wooden case. It is a final project of 5 students whom created this product. Why is it so different from a normal case? I will tell you!


This case it not just a case for your glasses. A lot of people have glasses as well as contacts and often have to take both with them wherever they go. The basic cases are often not big enough to hold your contacts and glasses at the same time. This is where Wood’n Case gives you THE solution.


The case is just a little bit bigger than the normal cases, so it will not take up too much space in your bag or purse. In the case you have a little compartment where you you can store your contacts.


For traveling purposes Wood’n Case gives you already a little tube to put in the product and twoo contact containers. That is awesome right?

As the name and pictures already told you, their products are made out of wood. When you order you can choose your kind of wood. Prefer a lighter brown or a darker color? It is all Possible! There is a limited version of the case with a beautiful lion engraved which is my favorite and the one I recived.

Oh btw, you don’t have to wear contacts nor glasses to buy this! Looking for an original case for your sunglasses? This is an option as well! In the little compartment you can store some wipes to clean your sunglasses.


You can buy the Wood’n Cases on their website.Β Be fast because non of the items are limitless. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

All picture are from their website. ( own pictures will be coming soon since my dad took the wood’n case on holiday with him. πŸ˜‰ )

With love, Marthe X


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