My May

A new month went by so it is time to look back on what I did.  Scrolling through the pictures on my phone makes me smile and makes my happy about the things I did in May. Have a look with me.

The first of May is the best day of the whole year! Since two or three years we started doing the Military Biker day. This is a day where the military police practices on guiding big groups and it happens to be a biker event. During the whole ride you feel so freaking special. Everyone has to stop for you and you can for once ignore the red light because you have to stay in one group. Just the fact that traffic is stopped just for your group is amazing. I think there were over 500 bikers. It could be even more. If you live in Belgium and ride a motorbike, I can highly recomend you to participate in this ride at least once in your life!

Ps: That’s me on the green machine

As you might have seen on my instagram, I did ‘discover’ the kruidtuin of Leuven. I have been living in Leuven my whole life and I had never visited this beautiful garden. I had heard a lot about how beautiful it was and how I realy should visit it. Well May 13th I finally went there and I loved it. There are not much words needed, just look at these pictures. It felt like I was on vacation on a tropical island or something.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

A while ago my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to join him to go watch the comedian Ross Noble. I had no idea who he was, but decided to go anyway. I can tell you that this was kind of the best decision I made. We arrived a little early and decided to wander around a bit. There happend to be an event with food from all over the world. It was fun walking there especially because we saw Ross Noble himself theren but we were to late to say hi to him.
BTW: That guy is hilarious, I swear!


In May, it was my last week as an intern at Mayerline. I seriously loved working there and I was sad to leave. For the last 3 days of my internship there was a private sale. All custumers could come and buy previous, and new collections with some crazy discount. In these 3 day I got to know everyone even better and made the fact that it were my last days more sad. I am sure I will go back to go visit them!

The most exciting thing for the month of May is without any doubt the fact that I uploaded a youtube video. I have been thinking about it so so long and I am so happy I did it. I love filming for the memory and even the editing is something I enjoy. It has been over a week now, but new video’s will come soon since I will be havong a lot of free time. If you have some suggestions on what kind video’s you want to see, let me know!

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-08 om 15.56.35


With love, Marthe X


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