What is in my bag | Festival edition

Summer is here and so is the festival season. I am not that person that goes to every single festival, but there is one festival I go to every year and that is the Graspop Metal Meeting. This Festival was last weekend, 16-17 and 18th of June 2017. The purpose of this blog post is to give you a look in to what I brought to the festival with me.

The bag I took with me was the sun68 bag I got during the pressdays. It is such a handy bag! You have a pocket for you phone, another small pocket for some loose money or your keys and a front zipper pocket for your tickets or something you need to be able to find quickly. The best part is that is has a long strap to wear over your sholder as well as short straps to wear it like a normal bag.

In the small pocket I had a sample from my favorite miss dior perfume that I always have with me, my usb drive that I can connect to my phone, because I filmed a Graspop aftermovie and my phone would definitely run out of memory. And lastly, I had some lipstick with me. That always comes in handy right before a picture! :p

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

In my bag you could also find a tripod for my phone to film, my sunsglasses and a powerbank for my phone. I always take some food with me as well, because food at festivals is way too expensive. I had some deodorant with me, but they took it away at security because it was too big 😦 Lastly and most obviously, I had my phone and wallet with me because you know that is like basic :p

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As you can see it was not that much I took with me, but everything you take with you, you can either lose or it can get stolen. What is in my bag for a festival differs a lot from my day to day bag as you might have noticed.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-20 om 14.56.50

Are there some other things that you take with you when going to a festival? Let me know!


With love, Marthe X


For more you can visit my Instagram and the aftermovie will soon be available on my youtube



4 reacties op β€˜What is in my bag | Festival edition’

  1. Such lovely pictures! You are right with not taking too much stuff to a festival… but I’d always put in some sunglasses, a lipgloss and a lighter (even though I’m not a smoker, but it starts the best conversations!). How was Graspop? xo

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