My June

The month June has gone so fast and so slow at the same time! This is because I closed a special chapter in my life! Besides that, June was not the most eventful month because I had to finish my paper to be able to graduate.

The start of the month June meant the end of my internship. During the period of my internship I have learned so much! Not only new programs and systems, but also about what I want to do in my future job. I had the chance to be creative and be who I am and that is what I hope to find in my job. On the other hand, the end of my internship was another step closer to graduating!

Besides working for my final paper, June brought me sippin’ on cocktails, helping my niece to renovate her home, some shopping and working on some Youtube video’s.


The best weekend was 16, 17 and 18th of June! I had a great time at Graspop and you can watch the after movie on my YouTube channel. Some reasons why it was so amazing: – The first day I was an elf and we had Santa and Rudolf as well.
– The weather was just great!
– I saw my favorite group, Sabaton.
– There was veggie food.
– …

Last but absolutely not least, I left for a two week vacation and the first stop was in France. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw how amazing this place was! And the best part about the stop in France is that I got the news that I GRADUATED!
I can now start to be an adult and start looking for a job!



How was your June? Are you leaving for vacation as well? Let me know!


With love, Marthe X



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