A day in Barcelona


Currently I am on vacation in Spain. The first week is almost over and I have one more week to go. A few days ago we decided to go to Barcelona for one day. Well, 24 hours to be more precise. We arrived at 2pm on Wednesday an stayed until 2pm on Thursday. In this blog post I will show you what we did and what you definitely should do as well when you are in Barcelona other than the most obvious touristic attractions. ( there are a few thing that are quite touristic though. )

After a two hour drive and checking in in our hotel it was time for some refreshment. We all wanted some ice cream, but not an ordinary scoop of vanilla ice cream. After some research on the internet, my sister came across something unique. It was called Eyescream and Friends. It was a 10 minute walk so we went for it. It was the cutest ice cream I have ever seen! The shop is nearby the harbor and pretty small, if you do not know the place you would just walk past it. The best thing besides the eyes they put on it, is the fact that you can choose two toppings. I can tell  you, it was a hard choice! If you are ever in Barcelona, you must visit this place! You will not regret it.

Eyescream and Friends
Paseo de Joan de Borbo, 30, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

When in Barcelona, I love to just walk on las Ramblas and look at all the people doing what they want. A little hidden on las Ramblas, is the well known ” mercat de la boqueria” where you can find al the colorful fruits and foods all stacked an put together color coded. If you go later in the day, it is less busy and all the fresh juices are cheaper because they can not keep it. The downside of going later, it that some things are already closed. Mainly the fresh sea food and meat. It is a touristic place, but worth a visit!


Right before we headed back to our hotel we stopped at a bar to have a little drink. Everything in this bar, called Mr Robinson, was in a travel theme. All the cocktails where from a certain country and a lot of suitcases where a part of the interior. It was a quiet and nice place to sit after a long day wandering around in Barcelona. The cocktail I tried was the Philadelphia Basil, it was with some alcoholic drinks I can not remember, raspberry and topped with some basil. It was a nice, but strong cocktail.

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I am aware that it looks like all we did was drink and eat. Well that is actually true :p. We did also walk around and took in the pretty sights of Barcelona. Our stops were just al bars and places to eat and/or drink. But hey, is that not what vacation is about? Relax, eat and drink as much as you want.

So next, after getting ready for a night out in Barcelona, it was time to find something to eat. Close to our hotel was a tapas bar. Nothing better than lots of food and sharing it with friends. We went to eat in one of the Taller de Tapas restaurants. They have five establishments, all in Barcelona. The one we went to was at Plaza de Pau Vila 13 (Barceloneta). Very friendly people and really good food!


After dinner it was time to discover the Barcelona nightlife. We started at an Irish pub called Temple bar. We ordered some Strongbow and out of nowhere the bartender gave us some tequila shots. That was a way of starting a good night. We wanted something more local and Spanish, so we asked the bartender is he had some recommendations for us. He told us he knew an exclusive bar that had just opened. It was called Pipa Club. It was a unique experience for sure. It was located on the second floor of a small apartment building in an actual apartment that was transformed into a bar. It felt like an American home party. There was no music, but just people talking to each other and enjoying their cocktails. I do not really have a lot of pictures as I don’t want to spend a night out with taking too many pictures. But here is a blurry picture from the Pipa Club.

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The next morning after sleeping in for a while we wandered around a little more ate some churros and visited the beach of Barcelona. It was really packed and a lot of people are sunbathing naked. It was pretty weird to see, but it is not forbidden on these beaches. It was soon time to leave, because our time in the parking lot where our car was parked, was running out. I have enjoyed my 24hours in Barcelona and will definitely come back and probably visit all of the places I have mentioned above again.

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With love, Marthe X


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