My July | 2018

The monthly overviews are back! These are my favorites te read and write. July has been an eventful and hot month. I will remember July 2018 as the hottest period of my life.

So, at the end of June / sart of July we adopted a kitten named Watson! He had been the biggest change during this month. While looking through my camera roll to see all the memories we made, I see a TON of pictures of watson. He is my obsession, oops. I wrote about him in a previous blog post. And just because he is too cute, here is a damn cute picture.


Also a ‘first’ happend on the 7th of July. My boss is a car racer and invited me and my boyfriend to come and watch one of his races at spa francorchamps. We had the chance to ‘go behind the scenes’ and stay in the pit during the race and see everything that happens there. The best part of the whole day was the fact that he and his team won. It was such an amazing experience and I hope to do it again soon!


A hot month asks for some pool days. I am very lucky to have a pool at my parents and I made use of that very much. Every bit of my free time I have spend in the pool. I will definitly build a pool at my house one day, when I saved some money for it :p.


Every month overview will also have a part #renovation. In December 2018 my boyfriend and I moved in to our first house. It is a house from 1913 so I don’t think I need to say we have to renovate. Renovating while you’re living in your house is pretty hard, but we are making it work. Here are some pictures of what we did in July.


Thanks to MBpresentsI had the chance to visit the “Star Wars Identities” expo in Brussels. I love going to fairs and expo’s to learn and dicover. The Star Wars identities expo isn’t really big, but a fun thing to do with kids and just as a fan. throughout the exebition there is a sort of game you play where you can find out what kind of Sta Wars character/ identity you are! You can still visit the expo until September 2nd 2018.

Last but not least, I started to go to the gym again! I am so happy I did that because I felt like I was getting very lazy and out of shape. Soon I will give you an update on how it is going and about my routine at the gym.


Besides all that my July existed of me trying to survive the heat while renovating. Want to see more updates? You can follow my Instagram or Facebook page! For some inspiration you can also check out my Pinterest.


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With love, Marthe X


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