Birthday wishlist

So, September is coming up and that means it is almost my birthday month, yes birthday month! And since my birthday is coming up people start asking what I would like to get. I never know what to ask, and I actually don’t really think people should buy me things. Just come over on my birthday for a drink and I am a happy girl. But the question is still beeing asked, so here is a birthday wishlist.  I have divided the items in 3 categories.

Flower vector created by Freepik


Things I like, but don’t need

Everybody has this I guess, asking for stuff that look nice and would be nice to have, but are not really necessary. Oh well, that is what birthdays are for, right?

1. Drinking bottles and everything marble.
2. Designer items ( too expensive to buy myself.. :p )

Interior stuff

At the moment I am renovating my house with my boyfriend and I really need to contain myself not to buy decorations all the time. Once the house is done, I will be buying loads of decorations. Just can’t wait!

3. Cussions! All kinds and sorts
4. Plants.

Making and collecting memories

I love taking pictures and sharing them. In my room I would love to have a photowall one day. I am the kind of person that looks back on pictures, on my laptop as well as printed photo’s pretty often. So something to make of store memories with will always make my happy.

5. Polaroid printer
6. Polaroid album


What are some of your favorite items/ categories to get for your birthday?

With love, Marthe


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