How I edit my pictures

Recently I have been asked quite often how I edit my pictures. At the moment I really like the way my pictures turn out. Therefore I decided to share my edit secrets with you!


So, first of all, most of the time I take my pictures in 16:9 ( just a normal photo) and crop it later to 1:1 ( square). This is just a life saver if you missed a detail or happen to like one side better to an other.

So here is a before and after.

After the cropping I go to the Lightroom app and this is where the magic happens. To keep my pictures kind of having the same ‘ feeling’ I copy paste the settings and then slightly adjust them to the picture to make them look great.

Here are the steps:

  1. I like my pictures to be bright and slide up the brightness depending on how dark the pictures was. All the rest of the settings are in the same line of making the picture bright. You will notice.. :p
  2. I put the highlights down to compensate for the brightness.
  3. But then I get rid of the shadows.
  4. In this picture I also made the white shades more white and the black shades more black to contrast each other.Screenshot_20180903-210505
  5. Now on to the colors. By putting the temperature of the picture down, I create a blue shine and that has been proven to make people like your pictures better. So why not do it, right? And it looks awesome!
  6. To keep a little warmth in the picture I add some pink.
  7. The colors are now very vibrant so I’m putting that a little down.
  8. Last but not least I play a little with the saturation. This is all to how I feel I want this picture to look like. And that is actually the case with every step.Screenshot_20180903-210526

It is important to find your onw way of editing your pictures. You can just copy paste from a preset or other people’s setting, but it feels way better to find your own unique way of doing it.

Some more before and after:

Do you have any tips or trick on how you edit your pictures? Let me know!

With love, Marthe X


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