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It sounds so cheesy but I’ve always wanted to start my own blog and write about things I love. And what do I love ? Well that will be food, travel end shopping. I love to take time to make something that looks good and tastes amazing as well. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t do this all the time! When I have to go to work an ordinary pasta will do.
Recently I also started to get creative with movies and youtube, something I really like to do. In general I love being creative, it doesn’t matter in what shape or form.
I hope that one day I can inspire people with the things I write and love.

Currently I am a working as a marketing assistent and I am loving it!
Leuven is my home town and I can’t imagine living somewhere else, unless I get an amazing opportunity to go live and work abroad. Because of my love for Leuven, I will often post articles about new spots that I found or just places I love to hang out.

Last but not least I love photography. I’m absolutely no expert, but I just love to take photo’s and edit them. If you know me and you’ve gone somewhere with me you know that I can easily take 100 pictures of 1 small thing. ( so sorry for that :p)
PS: For more inspiration and updates you can always check my instagram and Pinterest as well.