Easy summer salads

During summer I never really want to put in too much effort to cook because it is already way too hot most of the times. Besides that, I try to eat healtier for that summer body I desperately try to have. A salad is therefore the best dish to make. In this blogpost I will … More Easy summer salads

My May

A new month went by so it is time to look back on what I did.Β  Scrolling through the pictures on my phone makes me smile and makes my happy about the things I did in May. Have a look with me. The first of May is the best day of the whole year! Since … More My May

New discoveries

Recently I discovered some new things and places to go. I have started to write them down so I could let you guys know what the things are that have taken my attention. Every once in a while I like to stop and have a look at the second hand shop that is on my … More New discoveries

Wood’n Case

A while ago I recived this cute wooden case. It is a final project of 5 students whom created this product. Why is it so different from a normal case? I will tell you! This case it not just a case for your glasses. A lot of people have glasses as well as contacts and … More Wood’n Case

My April

Yes, Β another month overview already and this time not at the end of the next month! My Arpil started while I was on a skiing trip that I mentionned in my previous month overview. April was a bussy month, not neceserally event wise, but more in general. As the weather gets better, I go outside … More My April

April favorites

This April, I have been using many different products and items. Some of them I have been loving for a longer period of time and others I started loving in April. I am writing this post because I realized that I sometimes totally switch in things I use daily or highly prefer above others. So, … More April favorites